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Gayle Friedman is founder of the Sunshine Colour and Health Academy and Registered Member of Allied Health Professions Council of SA and WOMBS – http://www.wombs.org.za /. Gayle has been in the Health Care Field for over 30yrs and has experience as a qualified Aroma Therapist, Reflexologist,  Colour Therapist, Pregnancy Therapist, Doula (Child Birth support) and Yoga Teacher for pregnant women. Gayle offers support comfort and care, using her expertise and experience as a mother of 3, to guide woman and their partners on their beginning journey into parenthood.

Practice Number Aromatherapy -  1060000216917
Practice Number Doula - DOULA11 - (Covered By Discovery Health)
Practice Number Reflexology - 1080000216925

For more information or to make an appointment
Email: info@sunshinecolouracademy.com
Contact Cell:  082 958 4801

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Pregnancy, Doula, Childbirth Support, Correspondence Courses & Workshops to enhance your well being

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Gayle Friedman at Sunshine Colour Academy offers:

* Colour Treatments
Colour Aroma sessions include, Colour Breathing, Crystals, Colour Aromatherapy Oils and Sprays. Gayle works intuitively to help the individual connect to the self and centre within.
For more information Click Here

* Pregnancy / Postnatal Aroma Colour Massage
Aromatherapy oils reflexology colour energy healing for the health of pregnant woman and baby within.  Also for mom after the birth. By appointment. For more information Click Here

* Pregnancy Yoga Classes
Hatha yoga stretching exercises, breathing, visualisation and relaxation during pregnancy and labour. Connect to baby growing within.  For more information Click Here

* Doula - Childbirth Support
  & Belly to Birth Pregnancy Class
Care, support, education and companionship for mom, dad and baby during pregnancy, the birth and after. For more information Click Here

* Mom and Baby Yoga Classes
Hatha yoga stretching exercises for mom with baby to reconnect to your body and for baby’s wellbeing.  Babies 3 weeks to 6 months welcome. For more information Click Here
* Baby Massage for Parents
Learn to gently awaken baby to it’s own body - By appointment. For more information Click Here

* Workshopson Offer
1. Baby Massage for Professionals Workshop
2. Basic Meridian Therapy Workshop
3 .Colour Therapy Basic Introduction Workshop
4. Colour Therapy Energy Body & Crystal Therapy Workshop
5. Colour Therapy Mandala  & Aroma or Flower Essences Workshop
* Workshop  3, 4 and 5. Available by - Correspondence. For more information Click Here

* Colour Therapy Workshops
Fun Experiential workshop for Groups using colour, aroma and mandala shapes through the senses to connect the Elements of the Body to the Elements of Nature. For more information Click Here

* Colour Aroma Oils/Sprays 
Oils/Sprays energized with colour, essential oils, and crystals to use on the Body at appropriate areas to harmonize and energize your being. For more information and other Products Click Here

Physical Address:
Sunshine Health Academy. At Baby Grow Centre. 3A Montrose Ave, off Upper Orange St, Oranjezicht. Entrance around corner  2nd pedestrian gate in Hilton Road

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