The Mandala is a summary of Pattern, Colours, Texture, Vegetation and Shape. In Sanskrit which is an ancient Indian language, Mandala means circle. Mandala’s are usually created in the form of a circle or a square and contain geometric forms surrounding a central point. Sometimes Sacred Paintings with personal or Universal symbolism surround the Mandala or are contained within it.

Mandala’s represent the whole self and the entire universe and are often used as visual aids in meditation and religious ceremonies. A Mandala is the story of a journey that we  can follow and interpret in order to connect  with our own serene inner centre. By working with Mandala’s we will start to perceive the mundane and seemingly commonplace around us differently turning everyday life into a journey to better  understanding of ourselves and allowing the birth or rebirth of the inner child  (anima and animus) ie. returning to Joy!

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Explore the sacred circle, using colour.

“The Mandala is really the Self, The Wholeness of the personality, which if all goes well, is harmonious.” Jung 1965

The Mandala depicts the basic Pattern of the psyche, which spins from itself the web of life.

A labyrinth is an example of a Mandala as seen below:

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