During Pregnancy, Birth Preparation, Labour & after

* Pregnancy Yoga classes

        Thursday      6:00 pm
       Friday         9:30 am

Hatha yoga stretching poses, Breathing during pregnancy and how to use breath for labour and to connect with baby growing within. Visualization for relaxation and inner calm.

* Mom and Baby Yoga Classes
             Tuesday    11:00 am
        Friday        11:00 am

Hatha yoga stretching to reconnect with your body generally, to help to tone all the internal muscles and strengthen core muscles after pregnancy. Bring baby with we have yoga stretches for them too and for bonding time. Great to get out and meet other mom's. Babies 3 weeks onwards, toddlers welcome.

* Adult Yoga / Teenagers
Please enquire

Enrich your life. Doing Yoga forms a strong inner core to cope with daily living & stress. Learning connection to Breath, awareness of Body, stillness of Mind

* Pregnancy and Post Natal Aroma Colour Reflexology Massage
(by appointment)

Gentle Aromatherapy oils, Meridian and Reflexology points and Colour Treatment used to relax, balance and maintain health of pregnant women and baby within, and for Mom after the birth to realign her body.

* Pregnancy and Post Natal Reflexology
(home and hospital visits on request)

Pregnancy to relax and balance as well as to activate labour when due. Post Natal to rebalance and ground Woman post pregnancy, assists after labouring, or recovery from csection surgery and for tiredness .

* Baby Aroma Colour Massage
(home groups or private sessions on request)

* By appointment for your Baby to come have a treatment with me.
* Learn how to gently awaken your baby to its own body.
* Oils for sale booklet included.

Classes Last Friday of the month 12 30pm at Baby Grow Centre please message and book

* Belly to Birth Pregnancy Class

Class includes: Journey to meet your baby, Hormones, Stages of Labour, Breathing and Yoga Positions, Natural Relief, Medical Relief, Csection, Skin to Skin.

Classes held every second month.
Saturdays - 9am to 2pm

* Doula - Labour Companion

Care, support and companionship for mom, dad & baby during birth. Contact Gayle Friedman - Cell: +27 82958 4801
Yoga for you and your baby
By Adele Hamilton - As featured in Woolies Babes

Yoga for mothers and babies is an excellent way for a new mother to get back in touch with her body, says yoga teacher Gayle Friedman. ‘Most of them come for a month or two, then feel ready to carry on exercising with their babies at home, or to leave their babies at home and go back to a normal yoga class.’

Bonding between and parent is strongly promoted by touch, and fathers, who sometimes feel left out of the whole process of caring for a baby, can try a short yoga sequence such as in the one below. Whether in a class or at home, the slow, studied stretches and mental focus of a yoga session create an atmosphere that helps parents and baby find a relaxed way to be together.

This sequence is for babies of any age. Be gentle and don’t push baby’s limbs into awkward positions. Try not to do yoga directly after a feed as you may cause a reflux reaction if you push on a full tummy. It can be fun to do this after the bath when baby is free of the constraints of the nappy. To start, gently stroke the baby’s chest, abdomen, legs and feet, keeping your hands in constant contact with his body. Be aware of the cuesyour baby gives you: If he’s not enjoying it, stop and try again another time.

Arms outstretched: Lie baby on his back and gently stretch his arms on either side of his torso.
Use your thumbs to massage the palms of his hands as you do so, and gently press his arms down into the mat, keeping the pressure constant.

Butterfly: bring the soles together and gently push towards the abdomen. Close the hips by bringing the ankles together and drawing them slightly towards you. Release and repeat the sequence.
Crossover stretch: Hold baby’s hands and keep him lying on his back. Gently bring his hands up and forward until they cross over on his chest. Don’t force this movement at all – make sure that baby arms are relaxed throughout.
Semi-lotus: Holding baby’s feet, bring the right foot up to the left hip, gently pressing it towards the body. Release and repeat on the other side.
Stretch and relax: Holding baby’s ankles, extend the legs together, then allow them to relax

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Did You know?

Yoga for mother and baby can help with

1. Bonding
2. Relaxation for both
    of you
3. Easing indigestion
    or wind for the
4. Toning your body
    after childbirth

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