About the Sunshine Colour Academy

Sunshine Colour Academy has been established since 1999. Email for specific dates or check workshops offered.

Each Module has a theme:

1. Basic Introduction to Colour Therapy Workshop - Next Workshop: Please enquire
2. Colour, Energy Body & Crystals Workshop - Next Workshop : Please enquire
3. Colour, Mandala & Aroma or Flower Essences - Next Workshop: Please enquire

This Workshop can be done by correspondence but then consists of 4 modules:

1. Colour Theory.
2. Colour Body Work; - Chakras Reflexology, Colour Spine, Chinese Meridians and Crystals.
3. Colour, Mandala & Aroma or Flower Essences

One can study the colours at home by correspondence on each Module theme, working through each colour every 4/5 days, journalising your experience and completing questions at the end of each manual. To really experience the Colour, wear coloured clothes, decorate your space and eat food of that colour plus visualization on the colour theme you are doing at the time. The Workshop also covers history and philosophy of colour.

Once the 3 modules are completed one needs a recognised certificate in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Counselling and First Aid along with Case Studies and a thesis on Colour, (6000 words) to receive a Colour Therapist Certificate.

Our Workshops are fun and relaxed with a gentle, subtle healing journey, giving you the gift of colour to heal the pain and darkness that lies within us all.

We encourage creativity and self-expression through the Colours and Art. Sunshine Colour Academy also offers 1 and 2-hour short introduction workshops using visualizations, colour Kaleidoscopes, called 'Colour Me In', colour aromatherapy oils and mandala colouring in.

Faciliators at Sunshine Colour Academy:

Gayle Friedman  - Cell: +27 82958 4801

Tiziana Giardini  - Cell: +27 82711 0530

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, CounsellingFirst Aid and Business Skills.
(For Workshops in the above call on 021 7122455)

Modules 1, 2 or 3 can be attended by any interested people who don't require certification

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