Doula Childbirth Support and Belly to Birth Pregnancy Class

A Doula is a Labour Companion who offers Care, support and companionship for mom, dad & baby during birth and after.

Gayle is a Doula member of W.O.M.B.S – For more details listed below Click here. I offer support, care and reassurance for moms and dads before birth, during labour and after the delivery.  Besides having studied as a Doula, I am qualified to use my experience of the last 20 years as a yoga teacher for pregnant women, aromatherapist and reflexologist, specializing with pregnant women and ongoing support with Mom and Baby Yoga classes. I have also worked closely with midwives, baby clinics and baby massage for the past 16 years.

Doula fee: R 4 500.00
R2 250.00 deposit / R2 250.00 balance

*  Initial Interview
*  1 Pre-Natal visit - (within the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy)
*  Doula support - (for labour, birth & 1st breastfeed)
*  1 Postnatal home visit, includes 60min Reflexology session
   (within 2 weeks after baby’s birth)


I have included the story that inspired me to get the word BREATHE into Women"s minds as we are all so stressed with living and need to inhale and exhale more.

This is the story behind the poster. After I spent Christmas morning last year at Somerset Hospital handing out Shoe boxes with gifts to the Moms in Labour and Maternity Wards. I came away feeling sad as many of the Woman labour alone, without any guidance as to how to cope with the pain, even if they have Family Members with them, they themselves do not know how to assist and are stressed to see loved ones in pain.

Midwives in Hospitals are often busy and overworking with the Medical Technical aspects of the job, they often do not have the time to help Woman BREATHE and if a Doula is not present the Woman feel so afraid, which affects the progress of labour and the unborn baby too..

I have been a Doula the last 9 years attending almost 300 births, I am also a Yoga Teacher who studied in India, Colour Therapist, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist and have spent the last 30 years either teaching relaxation or treating Woman to relax.

I thought if in each Labour Ward in both Government and Private Maternity Units we could have this poster I have attached below, on the wall to simply remind Woman in labour as well as Medical Staff to BREATHE it would assist their minds and that relaxes the body too.

Essentially when one Breathes in you fill your belly and chest with oxygen like a balloon and on the out breath relax diaphragm and let go down and out.If you are keen to assist our WOMAN in labour, their newborn Babies and the staff working in the units as well.

Please find time to email me back ASAP with your

Contact Person, Postal Address,  and how many POSTERS you would need in your Unit SO WE CAN POST THEM TO YOU.

Poster created by WOMBS(woman offering mothers birth support) Committee Members which says BREATHE in 11 languages.English,Afrikaans,8 S African languages and French and using the colours of S African flag. The butterfly is our logo but stands for new beginnings hope ,the shape reminds us of human lungs and shape of human pelvis.

Thanks and Blessings
Gayle Friedman 0829584801.
WOMBS Chairlady. /

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Belly to Birth Pregnancy Class

(1 hr) - Class R800 a couple
(1 hr) - Private at Sunshine Health, R1500 couple
(5 hr) - Private at Home, R1800 couple

Class includes: Journey to meet your baby, Hormones, Stages of Labour, Breathing and Yoga Positions, Natural Relief, Medical Relief, Csection, Skin to Skin.

Dress Comfortably, Bring Water, Tea and Snacks provided.

Homework before class. On Youtube type in and watch 2 of each before class.
(1.Positive Natural Childbirth. 2.Natural Csection.)

Classes held every second month.
Saturdays - 9am to 2pm

Additional Services Offered:

*  Pregnancy Yoga Classes 
*  Pregnancy Colour Aromatherapy Treatments
*  Post Natal Reflexology Treatment (home/hospital) - Mom/Dad  
*  Baby Massage home                                      
*  Mom Baby Yoga Classes  

Colour Aroma Sprays / Oils available for sale
Pregnancy / Labour / Postnatal. Click here for price list. 

Gayle Friedman  - Cell: +27 82958 4801

W.O.M.B.S -
Women Offering Mothers Birth Support

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a Greek word meaning “woman who helps women”.  In South Africa Doulas are also known as Childbirth Companions.  These are women who offer continual emotional and physical support to labouring women in the form of comfort, reassurance and gentle touch.  Doulas usually stay with the mother throughout labour, constantly assessing and responding to her needs.  A Doula may assist the new family at home.

Why do you need a Doula?

The defining characteristic of Doula care is continuous, uninterrupted, emotional and physical support of the woman for the duration of labour and childbirth.  The Doula can use many kinds of touch, massage and positioning, depending on what the mother finds helpful, or she may be a soothing and reassuring voice.
Studies have documented that a Doula’s touch and support leads to reduced pain – or, at the very least, the mother’s perception of reduced pain.
A worldwide study, involving more than 1500 women, found that mothers who received Doula support were the ones with the shortest labours.  Other benefits found in this study by Klaus et al. include:


What will a Doula do for me?

A Doula:

Beyond labour:  Benefits to mother and baby after birth

* Better attachment and bonding between mother and baby
* Reduced need for medical intervention
* Reduced incidence of post partum depression
* mproved mother and baby well-being
* Positive feelings about labour and birth

Doulas are becoming increasingly visible and important in our labour wards because of the positive effect that they are having on all who are involved in the birth process.  Every woman ought to have a positive and memorable birth experience.  Having a Doula with you during your labour and birth will help you to have the birth experience you deserve.  Doulas can make a difference for you and in your birth experience.
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