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Home Colour Consultant – Tiziana Giardini

Tiziana Giardini Dip. Fine art, SCASA: is a trained Fine Artist and started her own Interior Paint Finish & Murals business in 1989. Her work as a Colour Consultant has helped people improve their environment by creating Atmospheric Colour in homes, restaurants and hotels. Tiziana's  hands on approach will help you rediscover  the joy of playing  with pure colour through painting.

Your home is the reflection of your inner self. Expanding - Contracting and like your body mind and spirit it needs unconditional love. I have worked for very diverse clients since 1988 helping create homes restaurants hotels offices, creating ambience that reflects their owners. I assist you in making the most comfortable colour choices that resonate  with your lifestyle and make you feel truly at home. Colour creates moods.

Colour is vital in a home whether you opt for bright strong vibrant colour or choose more subtle colours that reflect nature around you. In fact I often use flowers, leaves and stones as starting point to create a room. Colour makes you feel alive it evokes memories, happy and sad. Colour is Passion. Creativity begins in your home/heart.

I offer colour consultations on an hourly basis to help with overall colour schemes as well as specialized paint applications/murals. I am also a trained fine artist, my paintings reflect my passion for colour and my need to find deeper connections.

To contact Tiziana:
Contact Cell: 082 711 0530
Email: tizianagiardini@yahoo.com

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