What is Colour?

Colour is a creative force coming from Light / Lifeforce / Sun (Moon & Stars are reflected light from sun). Colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, where pure white light is broken down into Magenta, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, each vibrating at a different frequency and wavelength as light move through different densities of matter. Red - longest wavelength/lowest frequency and Violet - shortest wavelength/highest frequency.

Internally our bodies makeup is a replica of the external universe. According to chakra systems of ancient Sanskrit: Earth - Red (Pelvis, legs - volcanic larva), Water - Orange (Naval area - watery soil), Fire - Yellow (Solar Plexus - Sun), Air - Green (Heart / Lungs - trees/grass), Ether - Blue, Indigo, Violet (Neck/Head - water/sky).

According to the organ meridian system of ancient Chinese: Earth- Yellow (Stomach, Spleen), Water - Blue/Black (Bladder. Kidney), Fire - Red (Small Intestine, Heart Triple Warmer, Pericardium), Metal - White (Large Intestine, Lung), Wood - Green (Gall Bladder, Liver).

SHA incorporates Black as bodies roots into earth, White as bodies connection to spirit, Gold - male energy (right body left brain), Silver - female energy (left body right brain), Magenta (Pink) - soul within unconditional love.

In Colour Therapy we learn how to nourish the body, emotions, heart, mind and spirit through these various energy systems using colour in: aroma and flower essenses, mandala’s, crystals, astrological birth charts, food, breathing, clothes, sound, environment, and painting our own expression of the colour onto art boards.

A wonderful journey into the self!

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