Baby Aroma Colour Massage

​Baby Massage offered by Gayle Friedman Based in Cape Town is vital for both parents and baby it allows bonding to occur and helps the baby to grow stronger, improves circulation, muscle tone, bone and cell formation as well as grounding the baby, who is still unsure of its space on earth. It gives a sense of safety and well-being as oxytocin is realised with a loving touch

Massage is calming and it is especially helpful for winds and digestion. Massage helps soothe a baby who cannot settle easily. Touching enhances non-verbal communication between parent and child.

Start working on your baby every day for short periods of 5 minutes at a time, increasing to between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the baby. Choose a time when the baby is not hungry or tired and about a half an hour after a feed, allowing the baby to get used to what you are doing and to feel safe and comfortable preferably in the evening.

Begin gently at first until the baby gets used to massage and then proceed more firmly. Go with the flow of movements of the baby and do not stick to a rigid procedure at first, as you will upset yourself and the baby. Flow with love and care allow your hands to guide you.

Generally stick to safe essential oils like chamomile, lavender, geranium, mandarin. Chamomile is especially good for sleep, winds and teething. You can diffuse essential oils in water eg eucalyptus for colds and coughs, tea tree for thrush and immunity. All essential oils used on baby's body should be used diluted with base oils eg almond, sesame, coconut or aqueous cream. (20ml base oil to 2-drop essential oil/cream). Your hands and the room need to be warm.


Baby Aroma Colour Massage


  • Monthly studio classes available, private home-based sessions on request, or create your own mother’s group

  • By appointment for your Baby to come to have a treatment with me.

  • Learn how to gently awaken your baby to its own body. Oils for sale and booklet included.

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