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For more information on each of these Workshops see below for details:

Birth Release Workshops in Cape Town

A Moms birth vision: "One dreams of having the perfect birth. A divine experience of otherworldly bliss and connection as one's child enters effortlessly into the world through a warm pool of water in the safety and comfort of my family home."

However, life can have other plans and one can end up having a different (and somewhat traumatic) birthing experience as your little baby enters in another way. I created this workshop t
o support many mothers who have undergone a different birthing experience from what they dreamed. I have been a mom since 1986, birthed three children, taught Yoga and treated pregnant and postpartum women since 1988 and I became a doula in 2007.

I offer mothers a space to share, heal, release and nurture themselves into a wholesome happy relationship with themselves and their children. We will sit together in a warm-coloured, safe space supported by light, sound and aroma to share feelings and experiences and unravel emotions that may have become tangled. We will then embark upon a mandala art process to express and acknowledge the wounds we have experienced, and then finish with a sacred prayer of release so that we may all move forward as lighter, brighter beings to raise a new generation.
The 2 hour sharing session will be followed by nourishing foods to ground and centre ourselves before we move back into life.


- Babies are welcome! We will have a trained caretaker there to look after them.

Dates to be advertised or if you have a keen group of Women contact me via WhatsApp.

Colour Workshops Cape Town

Fun Experiential Workshops using colour, aroma and mandala shapes through the senses to connect the Elements of the Body to the Elements of Nature, can be structured to suit the need of corporate/other groups interested in learning more about colour. (minimum of 10 people)

An experiential Colour Aroma and Visual Journey through the Senses – learn to balance the Endocrine glands through Colour Visualisation and Colour Aromatherapy sprays with Gayle and Tiziana, connecting you to your Chakra’s (outer lungs) – you can then express your
personal journey by colouring in a Mandala…


1. Baby Massage Classes for Professionals

  1. Basic Theory and practical by tutor on a baby - (3 hour session) - Including Booklet

  2. Practical session on Baby by student - While Tutor observes - (2 hour session)

  3. Student to present 6 case studies using 1 Baby - Student Practical on Baby while Tutor observes. 1 hour session)

Obtaining Certificate. ± 12 hours R1800.00 – Total – Deposit R600.00



2. Basic Meridian Therapy Workshop

  • 8 Weeks (2 hours once weekly)

  • Week 1 General Intro to Meridians and Elements

  • Week 2 Wood /Spring – Liver, Gall Bladder

  • Week 3 Fire / Summer – Heart, Small Intestines and

  • Pericardium, Triple Burner

  • Week 4 Earth /LSummer – Spleen, Stomach

  • Week 5 Metal / Autumn – Lung, Large Intestines

  • Week 6 Water / Winter – Kidney, Bladder

  • Week 7 Governer / Conception Vessels

  • Week 8 Whole Body, Practical Exam and 10 Case Studies

Fees: Cost R4800 (Dep R2000 balance can be paid off )

Inclusive in Certificate Workshop on completion: All notes

Date: Please enquire (Certificate Workshop)



3. Colour, Energy Body & Crystals Workshop


Gayle will guide you through energy techniques using Colour relating to: Reflex Points on hands and feet, Polarity Elements, Meridian, Acupoints, Colour Spine and Chakras. Also included Crystal Visualisations, their Properties and uses on the body.

  • Week 1 Colour and Bodywork

  • Week 2 Crystals

  • Week 3 Red and Jasper

  • Week 4 Orange and Carnelian

  • Week 5 Yellow and Citrine

  • Week 6 Green and Aventurine

  • Week 7 Rose and Rose Quartz

  • Week 8 Blue and Blue Lace

  • Week 9 Indigo and Sodalite

  • Week 10 Violet and Amethyst

  • Week 11 Silver & Gold and Haematite & Pyrite and Quartz Points

  • Week 12 Black & White and Obsidian & Magnesite and Quartz Points

Inclusive in Certificate Workshop:

General Colour Workshop Manual
Bodywork Colour Manual
Crystal Colour Manual
Kit of 13 Crystals and Charts for sale

Fees: Certificate Workshop = R7200.00
(dep R3000.00 balance can be paid off )

Date: Please enquire
Time: 2 Hours per session


4. Colour, Mandalas & Aroma or Flower Essences Workshop

Gayle will guide you in experiencing Aroma Essential oils or Flower Essences and how they resonate with colour. We will use Visualisations to express the colours on Mandala shapes.


  • Week 1 Colour Aroma

  • Week 2 Flower Essences & Mandalas

  • Week 3 Red

  • Week 4 Orange

  • Week 5 Yellow

  • Week 6 Green

  • Week 7 Rose

  • Week 8 Blue

  • Week 9 Indigo

  • Week 10 Violet

  • Week 11 Silver and Gold

  • Week 12 Black and White

Inclusive in Certificate Workshop:

General Colour Workshop Manual
Aromatherapy Colour Manual or
Flower Essences & Mandala Manual
Kit of 9 Aroma Sprays for sale
Kit of 12 SA Flower Essences for sale

Fees: Certificate Workshop = R7200.00
(dep R3000.00 balance can be paid off )


Date: Please enquire
Time: 2 Hours per session



Correspondence Courses offered



  • 1.3 Theoretical Modules on Colour

  • a)Module 1“General Colour” information which is used in conjunction with the other 2 modules.

  • b)Module 2Crystals and Bodywork (Chakra’s, Meridians, Reflexes, Polarity)

  • c)Module 3Mandala’s and Aroma Essential Oils or Flower Essences

  • 2.Text Book “Cosmic Rainbow” by Noelle Leven

  • 3.Booklets on History and Philosophy of Colour


The Colour student will be required to:

  • 1. Systematically work through each module and colour in as instructed.

  • 2. Spend a minimum of 5 days per colour (minimum of 2 months for each module)

  • 3. Answer the questions at the end of the module and return it by post to S.C.A with manuals coloured in. These will be returned to you with a certificate and your next module.

  • 4.Obtain an A4 hardcover book to use as a journal of your experiences of your journey

  • with the colours and send us a copy with each manual completed


1st Year All three modules should be completed
(Minimum 2 months or maximum of 3 months per module)


A practical weekend Saturday to Sunday needs to be attended in Cape Town.
Bring all your completed materials along.


  • 1.Artists / Art students and therapists

  • 2.Practicing Therapists in all fields

  • 3.Interior Designers

  • 4.Anyone who loves and connects with colour



  • 1. Three completed modules on colour with certificates (can do any one module only, for self-enrichment)

  • 2. One practical day over a weekend with S.C.A

  • 3. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology certificate

  • 4.Counselling skills certificate

  • 5. First Aid certificate

  • 6. Basic Business Skills

  • 7. Written case studies – 10 people each experiencing 3 colour sessions with you.

  • 8. Practical exam with tutor at a time convenient to you both.


NOTE: 3, 4, 5, 6 above can be completed at any recognised institution.


The colour course may have a gentle yet profound shift on your body emotions, mind and spirit. If at anytime this occurs, call us for advise or seek counselling to assist you through your growth process.


COURSE TOOLS SUPPLIED BY S.C.A. (included in the price)

Module 1


  • 1.Manual on Colour

  • 2.Booklets on History & Philosophy of Colour

  • 3.Textbook “Cosmic Rainbow” – Noelle Leven

  • 4.Colour / Sound CD

Module 2


  • 1.Manual on Crystals and Bodywork

  • 2.Set of 13 Crystals (for sale, please enquire)

  • 3.2 Charts to be coloured in

Module 3


  • 1.Manual on Mandala’s and Aroma or Flower Essences

  • 2.9 Aroma Essential Oil Sprays or 12 SA Flower Essences Kit (for sale, please enquire)


Additional Tools you will require include:
Koki’s, crayons, water colour paints, acrylic paints for boards, paint brushes, 12 coloured candles (for each colour). Available from Sunshine Colour Academy see Products Catalogue



Module 1, 2, 3, = R4000.00 each (Postage excluded)
This amount to be paid in advance before each module (Bank a/c details below)

Practical day over weekend = R1000.00

Total Cost = R13, 000.00


Course Payment to: Sunshine Colour Academy
Nedbank Gardens
Branch Code: 101009
Account no: 1010053019
(Please fax the deposit slip to 0865 105442)


MODULE 1 – Colour Theory


  • 1. On receipt of module, systematically read through all information and colour as instructed, make it your own creation of colour.

  • 2. Familiarise yourself with the information on each colour i.e. what it means and represents.

  • 3. Take a minimum of 5 days to work through and experience each colour, from red to black by reading and colouring the course material, wearing the relevant coloured clothes, burning the colour candles you obtain, eating food of the colour you’re experiencing.

  • The objective is to incorporate the relevant colour in your living / working environment. Use the CD to connect internally with each colour.

  • Time – minimum 2 months for module in total.

  • 4.Record your experiences and emotions in your journal.

  • 5.Answer the questions at the end of the module.


Colour Tools Included

Manual on colour
Colour CD
Cosmic Rainbow Textbook
Booklets on History and Philosophy
(Read through the above and familiarize yourself)

  • 6.Post or Courier manual, journal copies and answer sheets to S.C.A on completion.


MODULE 2 – Crystals and Bodywork

1. Read your information in manual 1 and set aside 5 days for each colour.

2. Familiarise yourself with the information on healing techniques and different bodywork approaches. E.g. Reflexes hand and feet, Meridians, Polarity and Chakra balancing. Colour in all the charts as instructed in the notes.


Reading Material:

Reflexes hand & feet – Art of Reflexology – Inga Dougans
– Language of the Feet – Chris Stomer
Meridians – Staying Healthy with the Seasons – Elson M. Haas MD
– Art of Reflexology – Inga Dougens
Chakras – Hands of Light & Light Emerging – Barbara Ann Brennan
– Anatomy of Spirit – Carolyn Myss
– A little Light on Ascension – Diana Cooper
Polarity Therapy- Books by Randolph Stone

3. This information will be covered on the day over a weekend workshop in Cape Town.

4. Read and familiarise yourself with the information in the manual on the crystals in the pack.

5. Once again set aside 5 days (2 months in total) for each colour / crystal. Wearing the relevant colours, eating foods of the colour, create the relevant colours in your environment. For each colour and crystal find a quiet space, (± ½ hour) listen to the CD if you need help
to centre yourself, and burn the relevant coloured candle.

Do the following:

a)Sit and hold the crystal in your left hand held by your right hand on your lap – (left hand receives energy) (right hand gives energy) (Left brain and right side of body is male energy and right brain and left side of body is female energy)


b)Feel the energy of the crystal, is it fast, slow, cold, hot etc. Express your findings in your journal.

c)Place the relevant crystal as you work with it over the 5-day period on the specific chakra or bodyparts they relate to and write down your experiences in your journal.

d)Sleep with them under your pillow or place them in your bath or drinking water.
Journalise all your experiences – work with only one colour / crystal for 5 days at a time.





  • RedJasper Pelvis / Base

  • Orange Carnelian Navel / Sacral

  • Yellow Citrine Solar Plexus

  • Green Adventurine Heart / Physical

  • PinkRose Quartz Heart / Emotional

  • BlueBlue Lace Agate Neck / Throat

  • Indigo Sodalite Between the Brow

  • Violet Amethyst Top of head / Crown

  • Silver Haematite Left Hand / Foot

  • Gold Pyrite Right Hand / Foot

  • White Magnesite Above the Head

  • Black Obsidian Below the Feet

  • Clear Quartz To enhance any of the crystals. Can be used anywhere

All the crystals can be used anywhere on the body. This will come with intuition. Remember do only what feels comfortable and acceptable to you.


Colour Tools included:


Manual on crystals and Bodywork
Charts on Meridians and Spine
Set of 13 Crystals for sale, please enquire
6.Post or courier manual, journal copies and answer sheets to S.C.A. on completion.


MODULE 3 – Mandala’s and Aroma Essential Oils or Flower Essences

1. Read the information of each colour in Manual 1 before doing this module.

2.Set aside 5 days per colour (minimum 2 months for module in total)

3.Aroma sprays – I have made ready to use sprays, which you spray, around the nose
area. The scent enters your olfactory system and surrounds the body in turn relating
to the colour. You will notice each colour has various other oils, which you can also
experiment within your 5-day period set aside for each colour.


4. Work through notes on Flower Essences, take a appropriate FE for the colour you
are working with. ( Available from Sunshine Colour Academy, SAFE 021 794 6762
or your local pharmacy) before colouring the mandala and during 5 day period
record effects in journal.



  • Red Disa

  • Orange Coral Tree

  • Yellow Dune Calendula

  • Green Maiden Hair Fern

  • Pink Blushing Bride

  • Blue Ixia

  • Indigo Geranium Incanum

  • Violet Spur Flower

  • Silver Silver Leaf

  • Gold Hibiscus

  • White Arum Lily

  • Black Roella

5. Choose a Mandala for each colour after having read the information on mandala’s and
their effects and answer questions at the end of the manual. When doing the mandala
painting create a sacred space surrounding yourself in each colour in your
environment, your clothes, music candles etc.


6. Listen to the CD first and use your colour/aroma spray or flower essences before
doing the mandala painting. In the specific colour space, you create allow yourself to
express and manifest your experience of each colour onto the Mandala.


7. Systematically work through the notes on Aroma or Flower Essences,
Mandala’s and answer the questions on Colour at the end.

Colour Tools included: Manual on Mandala’s and Aroma Essential Oils or
Flower Essences. (For Sale, please enquire)


Eight Colour sprays (no sprays for gold, silver, black, and white –
try and obtain the relevant essential oil to smell or burn in a
burner relating to these colours from your module notes or
blend your own in water ( 5 drops to 10ml water ) or
Twelve SA Flower Essences. (For Sale, please enquire)


8.Post or courier manual, journal copies and answer sheets to S.C.A on completion.



  • Colour Scents – Suzi Chiazzari

  • Directory of Essential Oils – Wanda Sellar

  • Aromatherapy & colour – Rosemary Caddy

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