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Colour Aroma Massage Therapy Cape Town

Gayle works intuitively to help the client connect to the self and centre within. Treatments can either be done weekly or monthly depending on the clients available time and finance.

Gayle’s colour aroma sessions include:

  • Coloured lights

  • Crystals

  • A choice of coloured aromatherapy oils and sprays

  • Reflexology

  • Meridian Therapy.

  • Gayle focuses on Treatments during Pregnancy and Post-birth.

  • Hospital and Home visit treatments (negotiated depending on travel distance).


What happens in a treatment with Gayle? 

The treatment begins after consultation with the client to determine the colours to be used, combining intuition through the Higher Self. We begin by doing reflexology on the feet to treat and read the whole body. We then continue with an aromatherapy meridian massage using colour aroma blends balancing the body’s energies using colour visualizations while massaging. This is followed by a gentle head massage and then followed by a treatment on the back of the body to release tension from the neck, back, spine and legs. We end the treatment with a colour energy balance along the spine and Chakras into the feet to ground the body. The above can also be done without physical body massage, just working the energy body.

Colour breathing is used throughout the body by both the client and Gayle, to unlock blockages, (contracted physical body areas, negative emotions, mental stress) and to allow the light/colour to flow into the body.

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