Products on Offer

Colour Aroma Mood Enhancers
50ml glass bottle.


Simply spray all around the body’s energy field or as room / linen spray.

Colour Aroma Massage Oils
50ml glass bottle

Massage gently into skin.
bath: pour 1ml into bath water

Heart Soaps

Heart fragrant and gentle on your skin

Meditation CD

Colour meditation compact disk (cd)
Listen to cd to balance and relax

Mixed Media Art Boards by Tiziana

Colour Healing Reflexes, Polarity, Organ – Meridians & Chakra wall Chart by Beatrice Pook. A6 size.


These can be ordered directly from the Sunshine Colour Academy.

The Cosmic Rainbow
by Margaret Noelle Leven


This book can be ordered directly from the the Sunshine Colour Academy

Colour Kaleidoscopes are available for sale and for workshops

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