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  • Relax Into Birth 
    Relax into Birth is the first proudly South African Online Birth Preparation School, of international standard, teaching women and their partners Hypnobirthing techniques and deep relaxation methods for a more comfortable and manageable birth experience at home or at hospital, for natural or caesarean births. The course features a comprehensive line-up of pre-recorded content, downloadable audio tracks and a special guide for dads/birth partners. Check out the video explainer here: Charlene says;" We delve into very useful coping skills for labour and birth. You will gain an understanding of how your uterus benefits from relaxation and how it can help your labour progress. Relax Into Birth will teach you how to stagger your natural pain relief options before using medical pain relief opiates. Go on to your birthing day with an extensive skillset of breathing techniques, birthing positions,massage and hypnobirthing techniques. You will receive 13  beautifully recorded visualisation and relaxation soundtracks recorded in my voice. These are for conditioning you towards a birth free of fear."  


  • The Virtues Project-Moral & Spiritual Development & Education - The Virtues Project offers personal and professional development programs teaching strategies that inspire people to live by their highest values.



  • BODY & MIND - Online health & wellbeing Directory for South Africa.


  • Colour Vision - Using Light and Colour. Healing Body Mind and Soul.



  • Metaphysics Courses - Metavarsity College of Metaphysics - Metavarsity the college of Metaphysics offer Personal and spiritual development through a structured, experiential process.  Class-based and distance learning metaphysics and metaphysical tools available. Cape Town South Africa




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