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  • Welcome to the world to our beautiful little girl, Gia Harvey! Born on Saturday 31 July at 2.29pm after 34 hours of labour and weighing a whopping 4.26kg, I am not sure how I managed a natural, med-free birth except to say I could have never done it without the immense support of Dave and our fabulous doula Gayle Friedman from Sunshine Health. Wow, what a crazy rollercoaster labour is! It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done and had I not trained with Hypnobirthing and had a doula, I don’t think I would have managed. But it’s yielded the best thing I’ve ever done too! I am so proud and so in love with my family and I have nothing but gratitude for all the love and support I’ve received from so many along the way. To my wonderful family, friends, hospital staff at CT Medi Clinic, Dave and Gayle… THANK YOU! Gia is one perfect little baby and I simply cannot describe the love that I’m filled with right now. - Huenu Solsona and David Harvey

  • “Gayle was an amazing support throughout my entire pregnancy – emotionally and physically (she is an incredible reflexologist and yoga instructor). I ended up having an emergency C-Section and Gayle’s presence, both before and after, made what could have been a very traumatic experience extremely special. Today we are very lucky to have a smiley,happy little girl and would recommend the use of a doula (no matter what type of birth) to all moms but especially for first time moms. It made all the difference.” – Ashleigh Dubbelman

  • “Our birth wish was to have a natural birth our Doula Gayle Friedman, but things do not always go according to plan. At 31 weeks, we had to have an emergency C-Section as I was in pre-term labour and with regular contractions every few minutes. Even after the morphine, the contractions could not be stopped. Turns out I had an infection and my body was trying to rid itself of my baby. Gayle was very supportive, even though our wish was to go natural, we had to undergo a c-section, as our baby’s skull was too fragile to go through the birth canal. We also did not want to add any unnecessary distress to the baby. Within half an hour of contacting Gayle, she arrived at the hospital. She helped calm both me and my husband, it was all so overwhelming. She accompanied us to the operating room and helped keep us sane as we underwent the c-section. She also managed to take some pictures of us after baby Alexander was born. He was born 10 March 2017 at 2,055kg at 31 weeks old. Gayle is such an amazing person, she really helped put me in a state of mind that quickly assisted in speeding my milk production and the fact that I was now a moth. My milk production started on the 3rd day after Alexander’s birth and luckily I am still producing enough milk for him. I know not many women are fortunate to produce milk when they have prem babies. Gayle still messages us every few days to check on us. I strongly believe that she has helped me get through the stress of having to speed up being a parent 2 months before our expected date and make the most of the new situation. We are so caught up in life and how fast paced things are, that we lose focus of our body and mental focus. But when I first started preggy yoga with her, she helped me realign my focus. I am eternally grateful for all the support Gayle has shown and provided to me, Kurt and baby Alexander.” – Kristine Kruger

  • “Becoming a Mum didn’t come as naturally as I had imagined. I was extremely overwhelmed in the first month or two after my first son was born. I felt incredibly de-skilled and the smallest things confused me. It was difficult to manage leaving home with a newborn, and yet I really needed the support of others. Gayle’s mum and baby yoga classes were a natural progression from the pregnancy yoga I had done with her, and provided a critical space for me to come just as I was in those early days- exhausted, confused, emotional. The space she held for all of us -mamas in the same boat- was beautiful, affording the much needed time to remember our own bodies, have precious SUPPORTED time with our babas and connect with one another, share stories and ideas … strengthening on all levels. A HIGHLY recommended space during pregnancy and after birth ” – Lesley Tomas Samuel

  • “Gayle, your space is like my fave restaurant experience: a teeny tucked away spot completely run by the owner. No frills – just heart, soul & the real good stuff. Thank you for your magic ” – Andrea 

  • “Dear Gayle, I’ve been meaning to come to one of your classes and say thank you in person but life has been too hectic lately. Your classes were such a positive part of my journey into early motherhood. They reminded me to take care of myself and that made me a much better mother to Ada. I hope this helps you remember to take care of yourself. With love, Anna” – Anna

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