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Colour is one of the best ways of keeping our bodies in balance and imparting energy. For this we need to understand that we are not simply the physical body that we see but also have subtle bodies which involve the chakra system, the aura and the rays. Through the subtle bodies we are connected to the seven rays of light emitted from the sun and therefore the solar system.


The chakras which are like extended lungs are anchored in the physical body along the spine and central nervous system, extending out to the wheel of the chakra which floats on the surface of the etheric body.


We have seven major charkas, seven subtle bodies and seven levels of consciousness. The consciousness in us responds to all of evolution as we are one with the universe and affected by its energies. We can consider the seven levels of consciousness as seals or chakras which need to be opened to evolve spiritually and to trace our path back to the source of all creation.


5th Dimension 12 Chakra Chart  Below

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