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Flower essences are best described as a sort of liquid energy, a vibrational medicine that brings about benefits by influencing each person’s own life-force


Have you ever felt happier for surrounding yourself with fresh flowers, been especially attracted to certain kinds of blooms or found solace strolling among fields or gardens filled with flowering plants? If so you have already experienced the therapeutic power of flowers.


Symbolising love and friendship, flowers have always been a source of pleasure and happiness – of healing in its quintessential form


Flowers throughout the world posses special qualities that can ease emotional distress, boost self-confidence, lift energy levels, increase resilience to all kinds of illness and even enrich our relationships. They offer the perfect antidote to stress in its many different guises.


When we take flower essences it sets off a positive healthy reminder of the flowers helping our bodies to heal out of the often emotional, physical spaces we are contracted in. Many ancient and native cultures believe that everything in nature is infused with vital energy, the spark of life


Our existence is becoming increasingly artificial. Cocooned in towns and cities, it is easy to feel isolated from the natural environment. We no longer rely on the flowering of different plants to tell us what time of year it is as our distant ancestors once did.


Flower Essences across the world


For many years Bach’s Flower Remedies stood alone. Then in the mid – 1970’s interest in the healing power of flowers was rekindled. Richard Katz established the Flower Essence Society in California to research new flower essences and gather together those working with essences.


From Alaska to Australia, the Mediterranean to New Zealand and Hawaii to the Himalayas, distinct remedies have been rediscovered in the flowers that are indigenous to each particular country or region. Many of the flowers address not only emotional problems but also aspire to more spiritual realms, as well as acting as the fundamental physical level, treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit.


South Africa Flower Essences


Our own SA Flower Essences are also available, created by the inspiration of Jannite Unite on the slopes of the Table Mountain at the Fig Tree Farm in 1994. There are +/- 151 and Combination essences which hold the etheric imprint of our amazing flora and healing energy of the African continent, Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula.




  • Red ----- Disa

  • Orange ----- Coral Tree

  • Yellow ----- Dune Calendula

  • Green ----- Maiden Hair Fern

  • Pink ----- Blushing Bride

  • Blue ---- Ixia

  • Indigo ----- Geranium Incanum

  • Violet ----- Spur Flower

  • Silver ----- Silver Leaf

  • Gold ----- Hibiscus

  • White ----- Arum Lily

  • Black ----- Roella


Sunshine Colour Academy uses South African Flower Essences purchased form The South African Flower Essences Visit the link for more information and uses of  South African Flower Essences. These can also be purchased directly at the Sunshine Colour Academy.



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