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Light fills the very centre of our earth in the form of fire, as the sky is filled with the light of the sun, the moon and the stars. To strengthen our own light, we can draw from the natural forces around us. The earth feeds us with the lower frequency colours, red, orange, yellow and green, which relate to physical and emotional spheres. Blue, indigo and violet are drawn from the sky, space or ether, and relate to mental and spiritual spheres. Gold feeds our male aspect absorbed from the father sun, sliver feeds the female aspect absorbed from moon and mother earth.

Right from the time of conception, colour is seen to play an important role in our lives. The following photos were taken inside the womb of a women during the conception and development of the foetus.. The images are from the book, From Conception to Birth by Alexander Tsiara to illustrate the colour vibration images and how colour exists in a living cell.

1. An egg (ovum) before maturation.

Alive and healthy shows all the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


2. Moment of conception, when sperms penetrate the egg (ovum).

Yellow depicts light, life, fire and conception of male & female created by the unity of new life (foetus).


3. Days after conception, the egg(ovum) is now fertilized and growth begins of the human foetus, depicted by green indicating growth, new life, energy, oxygen and pink- love
to envelope and bring the soul into the process.


And the baby grows…


Depending on our state of being, we emanate colours in varying strength or weakness and if we are aware of this, we can strengthen or ‘tone down’ particular colours to re-establish balance.

Here are a few ways of how colour can be used for balancing and healing:

I have started with the most physical and ended with the more subtle, but no less accessible or powerful, forms of working with colour.

  • Colours In our food. The colour of what we eat is not accidental. To mention just one example for each colour: Red – apples; orange – butternut; yellow – bananas, green – spinach; blue – blueberries, violet – plums. To achieve full balance, the food we eat should include all colours of natural foods.

  • Colours in our surrounding. The atmosphere of our home, workplace, places of entertainment and hospitals can be powerfully influenced by colours. Pink and peach for soothing, peaceful effects; yellow for energy and stimulation (study and work places), blue for calmness and concentration. Complementary colours may be blended together to create balance, for instance, red and blue, orange and indigo, yellow and violet, green and pink.

Babies, especially, should be exposed to pastel colours in the first year, as these are the colour of their auras at that stage of their life. Bright colours tend to be too overwhelming.

Colours we wear. Colour is powerful in matching your moods and needs. If you require emotional strength, you may choose to wear orange. Lilacs and blues help to maintain calmness. Wear green to support the immune system. Colours worn on the skin have been known to be absorbed into the body. Pregnant women may favour orange and blue clothing, as orange is the colour corresponding to the area in which the baby is growing, and blue enhances the qualities of motherhood.

  • Minerals and crystals. Gemstones, minerals and crystals of various colours can be placed on the body for healing or worn to balance and strengthen the aura. Crystals are made of various minerals which are absorbed as they form in the earth. Our bodies need these minerals to functions, so by wearing them or drinking water with crystals in, we absorb that energy into our body. An example of a widely used crystal is the amethyst, with its calming and protective qualities.

  • Aura-Soma Oils. An intuitive system of colourful oils working on all aspects of the being, from the deepest soul level to the physical, created by Vicky Wall.


  • Colour Lights. Used with torches casting various hues through the use of filters, coloured lights may be shone on the body to promote healing. It is a sophisticated therapy with many applications.


  • Colour Kaleidoscopes. Crystals and glass suspended in a liquid medium create moving Mandalas. Projected onto a white wall, they not only create stunning effects, but can be powerful tools for colour therapy. Portable kaleidoscopes are beautiful and useful to stimulate or calm the mind.

Contact Lara and Turid for more information:

  • Mandalas are meditative paintings in the form of a circle. Religious in their origin, they have been adopted by the West for their powerful therapeutic value and are used in many variants, from free spontaneous painting to pre-traced designs – to help connect one to the inner self which the Mandala represents.

  • Astrology. Your chart can assist you in finding your own personal colours. Red, for instance, is associated with Aries, Mars, and First House, while black corresponds to Pisces and Twelfth House.

  • Colour and Sound. In a similar way, colours and sounds influence us vibrationally via our senses and chakras, the energetic ‘transformers’ of our bodies. Isaac Newton researched the harmonies of colour and sound and developed a scheme associating the seven colours of the rainbow with the seven notes of the diatonic scale.(Red – ‘C’, to Violet – ‘B’)

  • Visualisation. Visualising a healing colour is a powerful tool available to virtually everyone. The ways in which it can be applied are infinite. Here are just a few examples: Children are very good at visualising colours. Telling them to see a healing colour around any pain they feel in their body will greatly help relieve it. If they struggle to sleep at night, sit with them and let them close their eyes and breathe deeply, to relax. Ask them to imagine themselves wrapped up in a red blanket, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then indigo, then violet. By that time, they should be already asleep. This exercise is said to work for adults too.

In any situation in which you feel threatened or in fear, surround yourself in a triangle of protective white light. This is also useful to do before and after meditation. To help a person in disease or difficulty, even if they are not close by, one can imagine them surrounded by
a particular colour to strengthen their energy. Terminally ill patients can be surrounded in pink and green for peace and love. These visualisations can achieve wonderful results. In my own practice, when doing a treatment with aromatherapy, pressure points and reflexology, I incorporate colour by ‘breathing’ it into my own body, either through my feet or head, depending on the colour I need. I then visualise it coming out of my hands and into the person I am treating, into the area of need. This is more powerful still if the client can assist by breathing the colours together with me into the area of need.


  • Massage, Aromatherapy and Flower Essence. When giving a massage, I use towels of different colours according to each individual client’s needs. The colour not only sets an atmosphere, but as with clothing, is directly absorbed through the skin.


  • Aromatherapy oils also have affinity to colour, as they still transmit the colours of the flower they have been extracted from. An example is the camomile flower, the yellow essence being good for digestion and the nervous system. I have developed a range of aroma, colour sprays and oils that are useful for balancing the aura. In my experience with the South African Flower essences, the colour of the flowers correspond to the part of the body or emotions area that need healing. The Warratah Flower Essence, for example, with its red flowers, is a remedy for fear


  • Chakras, Body Zones and Merdians. Our bodies are subdivided into areas, both vertically and horizontally, which correspond to the influence of our energy centres (chakras) and their corresponding colours. In the Chinese system, the meridians are not only associated with body organs, elements and seasons, but also with colours. Balancing of chakras and meridians can be supported by ‘sending’ the respective colour into an area that is treated.

How External Environment Influences Your Body’s Internal Energy


  • Gold --- Male energy, sun, wisdom, purity, unity, transformation, nervous system, spine, skin digestion

  • White --- Contains all colours, protection, purity, truth, cleaning, anti-bacterial for illness


  • Violet --- Crown Chakra. Spiritual, calming, inspiration, creativity, hypnotic, cleansing nervous and endocrine system, upper brain, head, pineal gland.


  • Indigo --- Brow/Third Eye Chakra. Intuition imagination, protection, truth, lower brain, eyes, purity gland.


  • Blue --- Throat Chakra. Speaking the truth, relaxing freedom, throat, mouth, neck, upper lungs, thyroid gland.


  • Pink --- Emotional Heart Chakra. Nurturing female energy, unconditional love, Magenta emotional understanding, heart, breasts, reproduction.


  • Green --- Heart Chakra. Balance, growth, fertility, abundance, respiration, heart, arms, circulation, thymus gland.


  • Yellow --- Solar Plexus Chakra. Happiness, mental activities, a stimulant, nervous and digestive system, pancreas.


  • Orange --- Sacral Chakra. Creativity, courage, vitality, sexual energy, reproductive and lymphatic system.


  • Red --- Root Chakra. Grounding, active energy, security, muscular system, kidneys, bladder, lower limbs, intestines, adrenal glands.

  • Black --- Transformation, grounding, testing of one’s self, absorption

  • Silver --- Female energy, moon, cleaning, purity, protection. 

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